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In case you’re wondering about the different CBD or cannabis buzz words, and you’re not sure what any of these substances are or what they even do, then you’re in the right place. So, if you’re curious when it comes to the difference of RSO oil, winterized CBD oil and CBD distillate, be sure to read on!

What Is CBD Distillate?
Well, according to the PotGuide, CBD distillate has been said to be a new trend as far as concentration goes. These new discoveries are always so exciting that we just can’t wait to be a part of it! However, the PotGuide has issued several cautionary messages for users when it comes to distillates. The PotGuide has said that CBD distillate contains approximately 99% and in no way should it be used by inexperienced or new users, however, concentrates have isolated or even gone so far to separate both CBD and THC so that a more refined and pure end product which reaches new heights since it goes further than the average flower that contains 15% to 25% of THC; and of recent times, there has been a spike in the availability of a cleaner concentrate product that carries up to 99% activated THC.

For better words, CBD distillate is extremely pure and very concentrated since it comes directly from the plant. In addition, extraction has been done in order to achieve an extremely potent and pure version.

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THC Distillate
Users of THC distillate use it for the effects that it has on them, especially the effects of a really pure powerful potent dose of THC. In case you didn’t know, THC is the main component in marijuana itself that causes you to feel high, really high. However, the psycho active effects that it can have on its user is of course magnified if they were indeed consuming such a high-quality version of distilled THC. The use of this version is the equivalent of receiving a dose of THC straight into your blood, and, this will result in some really powerful effects since using only a little goes an extensively long way.

It should be noted that THC in its distillate form close to 100 percent of THC. And, it will be very potent, especially with the effects that it has on the user’s mind. As a result, users should exercise caution especially when they are planning to take something this strong.

CBD Distillate
Even though CBD distillate is another cannabinoid which is found in the same marijuana plant, the distillate produced is quite different. It should be noted that there are over 100 other chemicals which are found in the marijuana family. However, CBD doesn’t have the same effects revolving around psycho active that THC does. As a result, it can be more advisable to use this form when considering such a pure variant.

CBD distillates are also given other names such as CBD shatter and CBD isolate. And, it should be noted that these substances are also quite pure and they are mainly concentrated forms of the cannabidiol. In addition, it is also a highly abundant cannabinoid of the plant. These products are widely available in crystals, wax, powder and a glass like looking form.

CBD generally comes from the hemp plant and not really a standard marijuana plant in which other products are sourced from.

What Can CBD Isolate Do For You?
In case you’re wondering what CBD isolate can do for you and what special benefits do it offer, keep on reading because you are in the right place. For starters, you are already aware that the CBD isolate is an extremely pure and concentrated version of CBD. And, it gives its users quite an effective powerful punch from a small package. If you are on the creative of explorative side, CBD crystals and other isolates can be blended with various substances such as terpenes in an effort to create different flavors and scents.

Another thing to look forward to is the fact that isolates of CBD can be added to food as you enjoy another way of taking your regular dose of CBD. Some users are more comfortable this way since it ensures that they incorporate more CBD into their diets without any weird taste.

What is RSO Oil?
Even if you haven’t been associated with the cannabis industry for a long period of time, I’m pretty sure you did come across the term of RSO oil as well as the benefits of it. And in case you’re wondering, RSO simply means Rick Simpson Oil, and, it is widely used within the medicinal field because of its strength and power. For the sake of making long stories short, RSO oil is also another extremely high concentration of the cannabis oil. RSO oil has been widely thought to have had outstanding medicinal benefits when it comes to both treating and curing the deadly disease of cancer as it illiminates cancer cells alike.

So, I’m sure by now you’re wondering who really is Rick Simpson and why he had a buzzed word named in his favor. Well, sources say that he fell upon his fortune by accident, and long before the Rick Simpson Oil was ever a thing, he was just an engineer who worked in a Canadian hospital around 1997. Mr. Simpson was actually working in a boiler room where he covered the hospitals asbestos with a highly potent aerosol glue, however, since the room was poorly ventilated, the toxic fumes which were produced caused his nervous system to experience a deep shock and he collapsed.

He suffered from not only dizzy spells but also a ringing sound in his ear and this only worsened with the medication he was currently using. He had seen a documentary which featured the benefits of cannabis. He later went to suggest this to his doctor at the time but with his doctor’s refusal, he decided to source cannabis. For quite a while he used it and noticed that there were outstanding improvements in his tinnitus as well as all the other symptoms that the suffered from.

Around 2003, Simpson noticed three bumps on his arm. His doctor agreed that they did indeed look cancerous and immediately took a skin sample for biopsy. And without much investigation, it did indeed turn out to be a variant of skin cancer known as basal cell carcinoma. He went on to try treatment on his own where he started applying an extremely concentrated version of cannabis oil on his affected skin. For days at a time he would cover his hand with bandages that contained the solution, and not too long after, he revealed a true miracle.

The three growths on his hand had disappeared completely. And, from that point on, he became the main person to revolutionize the true healing powers found in cannabis. Countless persons all around the globe started reproducing his recipe in the efforts to carry out their own treatments at home.

What is Winterized CBD Oil?
Next, we look at what exactly is winterized cannabis oil. So, in case you’re also wondering what it is, as well as why people use it, look no further because we have the answers coming up! In essence, winterization is said to be that of an alcohol wash. Therefore, winterized CBD oil is the same except that it contains the extracted cannabinoids as well as terpenes, these result in another pure concentrated version of CBD.

To shorten, winterized CBD oil comes about when CBD extract is soaked in alcohol, and, it is then frozen. This process ensures that the pure CBD is separated from various residual products like that of fats, waxes and the natural chlorophyll of the plant. Just like others you’re probably wondering what really is the point of winterizing. So, to answer, most users opt for winterizing since their CBD becomes much more potent as a by-product, however, when CBD oil is winterized, it tends to contain much less terpenes and just generally less of everything contained originally in the plant, even the substances which are not part of the pure CBD.

Just like any good thing, there are cons associated with the winterizing of your CBD oil. Some users claim that removing terpenes takes some of the healing benefits away. Therefore, if the terpenes really do offer healing as well as therapeutic powers, then it does make sense that removing them will indeed make the general healing power of the oil much less effective.

How Do You Winterize CBD Oil?
As we dive deeper into winterizing, we need to fully understand what the winterizing process really entails. As previously mentioned, winterizing is basically an alcohol wash. This is done after the extraction process where carbon dioxide, butane and various other solvents are utilized. These solvents lead to the separation of both terpenes and cannabinoids, however, they produce several unwanted substances such as chlorophyll, fats and plant waxes.

As carbon dioxide (CO2) is used, the raw extract is placed in ethanol where it is then heated and lastly frozen. Freezing is essential since it is used to remove and properly filter all the unwanted by-products. After, the solution of ethanol is heated to 120 degrees F, however, the mixture is not frozen until the solvent has fully evaporated. For an accurate procedure, freezing should be done for at least 24 hours having a minimum temp of 32 degrees F of for a period of 48 hours at lower temperatures such as 13 – 5 degrees F.

After this step has been completed, the solution of alcohol is then filtered in order to remove any wax formed. However, this step can be repeated on several occasions in order to maintain the purity of the oil. The final product is quite dark in color and has been said to be that of a maple syrup consistency with a tint of green.

It should be noted that the tints of green are due to the chlorophyll in the plant and it can be removed by several methods. These are exposing the solution to UV radiation or sunlight as well as washing the solution in ethanol tincture. It should be noted that even though the tint of green is removed, some parts of the cannabinoids are destroyed, and the final concentration is also affected.

Another popular way to get your daily does of CBD is by vaping. Users of CBD use tinctures and oils for vaping since vaping increases the initial levels of bioavailability, and it has been considered to be a quick as well as a more direct dose. For the sake of it, vaping CBD allows its users to experience its effects straight to their blood stream through their lings.

Eating And Consuming CBD
If you’re interested in consuming or actually eating CBD, this can all be done as a result of the speed and bioavailability offered by CBD. In fact, the ingestion of CBD is another common and popular way to enjoy CBD. However, this approach may not be right for all of its users. This is simply due to the fact that you don’t really have much control over the initial dosage that you ingest.

In addition, this approach does not produce immediate results. This is simply due to CBD having to pass through its users digestive track as well as filter through their lungs, so, when they do finally feel the effects, it has more than likely been quite diluted and not as strong.

When CBD is consumed by drinks and foods, it is actually a great way to get more of it into your system. And, some users even cook with variants of CBD such as isolates or even distillate where they gracefully add them to smoothies and even stir-fry. Another popular way of indulging is to simply use joints and muscle rubs which are available in the form of cream, and you can even apply it to your lips since they are available in the form of various lip balms; capsules are also made from CBD so you can even swallow it.

So, if you’re looking to find the right form for you, it is advised that you try out a few and then decide which method of absorption suits your needs.

It should be noted that the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act requires this disclaimer. The information presented in our article has been collected from various sources as a result of customer convenience. Any statements which have been made were not in any way evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. And, their ability to actually provide results have also not been proven by the FDA.

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